Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pastor Brian and friend(Joel)

It's a new year and Pastor Brian has been replaced by Pastor Sam.

Today I went back over the portrait of Brian with his mate Joel (very much alive despite anything I might have posted earlier) that I started last year

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Janet and Joel

Janet was a member of the Mission Community who died recently, much missed by all including her Methodonians that she lookwho ed after in her pharmacy, and Joel is a mate of Pastor Brian asked me to add them to background of the Newtown Last Supper. Here is the beginnings of Joel with Brian

Janet between Brian and the apostle Rossco

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Farewell Pastor Brian

Pastor Brian is leaving after 13 years serving the most disadvantaged in the community. We launched the mural in front of a huge crowd who came to see him at his farewell.

Grace and I put together this postcard and gave them out. I butchered her words crash editing them to fit on the card, so I've included what she wrote below - thanks Grace - its always so inspiring doing things with you.

Johno and I encouraged direction and involvement by community members to foster belonging and ownership, and to tailor the mural to the community.  A community member asked me what the mural was of I said it was a ‘Australiana theme’ they exclaimed “where’s the sea?, when I think Australia I think the Sea!”. Johno and I also asked people what animals and plants they thought should be included, some people chose a particular animal because it’s their favourite such as Sue’s Frilled Necked Lizard, others because they feel that's what represents them; Johno O'Driscoll painted the resolute wombat to symbolise pastor Brian, who is leaving after 13 years of going above and beyond serving the community of Newtown through his empathy, compassion, generosity and involvement in community development.
We did have some requests that we were unable to fulfil were such as making the sun double as a dart board (think would be a OH&S issue) as well as repeated requests for a drop bear, ….only because I haven’t seen one and don’t know what they look like…

Like the animals around the billabong Pastor Brian nourished the community that gathers here, and he will be sorely missed.

Grace Woods

When I get hold of some photos from yhe night I'll put them up here

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Around the billabong - finished

I took a hires shot yesterday with a real camera (thanks Meg McCallum and Simeon) to use for the postcard we're printing for Pastor Brian's farewell tomorrow - this is a smaller generated copy but should print well up to about 15cm wide.

Animals around the Billabong

Animals around the Billabong - finished.

There's still stuff to do on the areas above and behind the doors (where Grace is going to draw a patterned border), but the main panel is done in time for Pastor Brian's farewell.

I've taken a couple of shots with a real camera which I'll post tomorrow along with some words Grace has written and whatever I can come up with

There are a stack of details below

Billabong Garden

Bottle Tree


toothy Tasmanian devil

the dingo


Eagle with the sun behind


Galahs and flowers

part of Grace's garden

Goanna tree

Lorikeet with nectary flowers

Humpback dancing




Murray Cod

Powerful Owl



A seagull

Spinifex and succulent

Everything under the Sun

Under the fig tree


Willy Wagtail

The Wombat - Pastor Brian

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Humpback Dancing

I found a bit of space for Humpback dancing out the back

Getting really close to finishing our Australiana mural now - "gettin' there" as Grace would say, a phrase that really annoyed her not long ago. She's outlining all the plants now, while I finish the animals and add a few I forgot.

Last requests very soon

Beginning of a bottle tree 


The left side of the mural

Right hand side